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    Who is Dr. Alan Inglis, M.D.?Dr. Alan Inglis

    For over two decades, Dr. Alan Inglis, M.D. has helped patients solve their most pressing health concerns at his renowned clinic in Western Massachusetts. He’s studied everything from cardiology at the world-famous Mayo Clinic, to alternative, natural cures at one of the oldest universities in Europe. Now, Dr. Inglis works as the editor of Health Revelations to bring you breakthrough treatments and natural remedies from around the world.

  • Latest Headlines from House Calls

    Weight loss drug linked to cancer [URGENT] Popular weight-loss drug linked to cancer It’s right around now that people REALLY start getting frustrated. You dove head first in 2020—not just a new year but a new DECADE—absolutely determined to do it… THIS was gonna be it.  Read On

    Soybean oil linked to damage inside the brain This common cooking oil could ROT your brain! You’ve heard the old expression about how fish is “brain food.” But there’s something out there that’s just the opposite… It’s the ANTI-BRAIN FOOD. And there’s a good chance you’re eating it  Read On

    Sunscreen chemicals leak INTO your blood [BULLETIN] Scary new danger linked to popular sunscreens There’s a reason they dropped this news in the dead of winter. They knew it would get very little attention. After all, who’s thinking about sunscreen… in February??? Even people who saw  Read On

    Coronavirus spreads to the United States [Editor’s Note] In late January, I wrote to you about the deadly coronavirus. This insidious sickness has leaked its way out of China and spread worldwide—and it puts seniors at major risk… That’s why I’m resending it today. Don’t miss  Read On

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  • Health Revelations' Testimonials

  • “My favorite thing about Health Revelations is learning about some new insights in medical science and naturopathy. The biggest health improvement I’ve had since I started reading it is I learned about NAC and I think it has beneficial effects on my health. I’ve recommended Health Revelations to friends and family.” – Karl Z., Malibu, CA

    “My favorite thing about Health Revelations is the courageous presentation of truths and otherwise well-known modalities and methods ignored or covered up by mainstream 'medicine?'. The biggest health improvement I’ve experienced since I started reading is confirmation and reinforcement that what we are doing is in the right direction.” – James A., Topeka, KS

    “Our favorite thing about Health Revelations is we can go back to it whenever we have health problems. Actually, we share the information with our friends who at our age are almost all having health problems. The biggest health improvements we’ve had since we started reading it are dementia, high blood pressure, indigestion and weight gain. We recommend it to friends and family all the time!” – Janice D., Savannah, GA

    “My favorite thing about Health Revelations is the divine research. The biggest health improvements I’ve had since I started reading it losing weight and an improvement in overall health.” – Ronald P., Hamilton, NJ