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About Dr. Mark Stengler

Meet Dr. Mark Stengler

As one of America’s leading naturopathic doctors, Dr. Stengler’s passion for natural healing infuses everything he does.

If you’ve seen his weekly show on PBS, “Natural Healing with Mark Stengler,” or his appearances on the 700 club, you know how passionate he is about helping people reclaim a state of vibrant health without resorting to drugs.

And if you’ve read his groundbreaking books on natural cancer treatments, you know how deep his natural healing knowledge goes.

Hailed as “the leader of natural medicine’s new wave,” Dr. Stengler has quickly become one of the most trusted evangelists in the now crowded world of natural healing.

And his reputation for delivering the most advanced, effective natural therapies available makes him one of the most sought after Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine in the world.

But get to know him personally and you’ll see there’s much more to Dr. Stengler. He’s also a devout Christian, and he’s studied the Bible in great depth.

In fact, in addition to an advanced medical degree, he holds a Masters in Religious Studies from Southern California Seminary.

Dr. Stengler’s belief is that everything we need to eliminate pain and disease was given to us by God – he’s simply here to help spread the message.

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