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    Pesticides cover strawberries, other fruits The bitter truth about strawberries There’s nothing sweeter than a fresh strawberry in early spring. Some of them are so delicious they can bring tears to your eyes… but maybe it’s not the fruit itself causing you to cry. An  Read On

    Zika is back, and could be worse than ever Prepare yourself for the worst part of spring Get ready for an unwelcome blast from the recent past, because the return of warm weather can only mean one thing. The mosquitoes are back! They’re not just bringing painful, itchy bites.  Read On

    Chronic fatigue syndrome Chronic fatigue drug FLOPS The mainstream is admitting defeat. They’ve been trying to push a dangerous rheumatoid drug as the key to beating chronic fatigue syndrome. But now, researchers have finally discovered what I could’ve told them from Day One:  Read On

    Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery a bust Don’t sign up for that surgery yet! Your doc might tell you that you need to go under the knife. He might even say it’s the ONLY way to ease the pain in your wrists caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.  Read On

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  • “Mark Stengler is a leader in the new wave of true healers-a highly trained physician who integrates the best natural medicine with scientific research and real-life clinical experience.” – Dr. Michael T. Murray, N.D.

    “I was diagnosed with plaque buildup in one of my carotid arteries that feeds my brain. Not interested in surgery or drugs, I became a patient of Dr. Stengler. He immediately put me on a nutritional protocol and after 1 year I had a repeat ultrasound. My Carotid arteries were 100% clear. The attending said, ‘This is unusual! I don’t ever see that type of reversal’ Thank you Dr. Stengler” – Chris P., California