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    Heart risk linked to shoulder pain When your body tells you something… listen! You’ve got access to a pretty good doctor — one that’s available to you DAY and NIGHT. That doc is your own body. You might not have a medical degree, but you don’t  Read On

    Cancer cells DIE from this natural treatment BREAKTHROUGH: Science unlocks all-natural cancer killer We’ve been dismissed… berated… threatened… and harassed. Holistic doctors have been practically chased out of medicine for pioneering a groundbreaking treatment that we KNOW can kill cancer without any toxic side effects. Now, it  Read On

    Dementia risk shrinks on Mediterranean diet Save your brain with this simple plan We’re barely three weeks into the New Year and many folks have already given up on their resolutions. Did you know that 25 percent of them didn’t even survive the first week? So,  Read On

    Bacteria are living in your towels Where germs are hiding… in YOUR home! When was the last time you washed the bathroom towels? If you don’t know the answer right off the top of your head, it’s probably time to toss them into the laundry —  Read On

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  • “Mark Stengler is a leader in the new wave of true healers-a highly trained physician who integrates the best natural medicine with scientific research and real-life clinical experience.” – Dr. Michael T. Murray, N.D.

    “I was diagnosed with plaque buildup in one of my carotid arteries that feeds my brain. Not interested in surgery or drugs, I became a patient of Dr. Stengler. He immediately put me on a nutritional protocol and after 1 year I had a repeat ultrasound. My Carotid arteries were 100% clear. The attending said, ‘This is unusual! I don’t ever see that type of reversal’ Thank you Dr. Stengler” – Chris P., California